• Three arbitral tribunals derived upon the acquisition of one of the country’s leading financial institutions.
  • Two tribunals conducted to solve the disputes between the shareholders of one of the leading business groups from the country’s health sector.
  • An international tribunal where DBM acted in representation of an international consortium seeking economic redress and damages from the performance of a work agreement for the construction of one of the country’s major hydropower plants.
  • Two tribunals derived upon the acquisition of the country’s leading airline company.
  • Two tribunals derived upon the performance of a supply and assembly agreement concerning a portion of equipment from a Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  • DBM has represented domestic and international consortia in a number of arbitrations to solve conflicts arising from the performance of work or concession contracts for construction and operation of infrastructure.
  • DBM has participated in several arbitrations related to service agreements for the oil industry.
  • DBM has participated in a number of arbitrations related to the performance of commercial agreements (distribution, commercial agency and joint venture).


  • Contract structuring for different real estate projects, including a project in the city of Bogota that comprises over 17,000 housing units a 168,000-square meter shopping mall, and a real estate mega project located in the northern area of the city of Cartagena in the road leading to Barranquilla, planned as a modern city with over 100,000 hectares, encompassing diverse residenal complexes, exclusive country condominiums, a hospital, a shopping mall, a business center, as well as hotels, a large social and sports club.
  • DBM has advised its clients in the acquision of companies.
  • DBM has advised its clients in the acquision of mining tles and assets related with the mining industry.
  • DBM has also represented its clients in different procedures before domesc authories.
  • DBM has assisted its clients during diverse bidding processes for state contracng.
  • DBM has represented internaonal clients in the incorporaon of companies in Colombia or for establishing branch offices in the country.
  • DBM has provided advice to port service companies (sociedades portuarias) in the procurement of port concessions as well as the processing of extension thereof.
  • DBM has represented its clients before Colombian marime authories in the invesgation of marime casuales, as well as the processing of diverse permits before such entities.